Wandering Whidbey

I couldn’t believe I was about to capture Sam’s first experience on the Island.

*cue soundtrack to South Pacific*

anybody else know what we’re talking about here?!

Seriously the whole day I was making Island innuendos.


After our long awaited ferry ride (seriously, give yourself time to travel - the lineup is no joke. Nor is the need for a bathroom..) we rode into the tiny town of Clinton and headed north towards Coupeville.

We stopped for coffee at an adorable little drive through coffee stand and treated ourselves to a scrumptious poppyseed muffin, complete with a little frosty drizzle, ya know? Gotta have that extra punch of lemon goodness.


Our first location was a lavender farm BUT, we conveniently took a wrong turn (cell service isn’t the best on the island so plan on using a map, you know those ancient pieces of paper that pre-existed gps) and stumbled upon the tiniest beach I’ve ever seen; it’s safe to say it didn’t disappoint.


This beautiful dress from H&M reminded me of the waves surrounding us and just kept begging to MOVE. So that’s what we did. We kept moving.

Something you might not know about my relationship with Sam is that we grew up dancing together. Both of us have a deep love of movement and artistic expression. Heavily posed or forced images feel inauthentic to me - I think both of our movement backgrounds really inspired both of us.


Good news, we eventually found the Lavender Farm. We caught the beginning of golden hour here at this location and it gave the perfect sound of music vibes.


Sam’s always had an artist heart. She finds joy in all avenues of artistic expression, including painting and drawing. So, we brought her water coloring set. Exploring the vast hillside of Ebey’s Landing State Park provided the perfect backdrop for this childlike shot.

seattlepnwportraitsmoodyrachaelviviansam wheat-7seattlepnwportraitsmoodyrachaelvivian.jpg

This was a magical day. I love going on shoots where we walk away with more than just images. We walk away having made new memories, and now have images to remind us of that glorious day.

May you always wander,

- Vivian