Talent seeds. You were made to Bloom.

You are not a byproduct made to collect dust.

You are a blessing,

and you were made to bless.

/ / / /

You were created to be useful. You were made to bring glory. You are destined for more.

By the people of the world, and by the God who crafted you.

I adore teaching dance to all ages and creating movement. I’m convinced it’s why I was created.


The movement soars through my DNA and my brain buzzes with choreography. Sometimes it keeps me up at night. Like the dance demands I listen, bring it forth, and pour it onto the stage.

I learned a long time ago that this blessing can wither. Like any precious gift it needs tending. Watering is essential, pruning, and sometimes replanting is necessary.

Let’s give your blessing a name. Let’s watch them bloom. God blessed you with gifts to graciously bless the rest of your community and world.

Come to this clear truth, You. Have. Gifts.

Your talent seeds will always look different than your neighbors. No two seeds are alike. Heck! maybe you have two, or three different types of talent seeds! Look at you blooming all over the place….

Sit with this concept until you’ve named at least one talent, roll it between your fingers and envision what color, texture, heights it will grow to.

Remember it’s a seed, seeds are tiny. Your seed doesn’t need to be fancy, it needs to be honest. Are you a giver? A listener? Perhaps you enjoy helping complete strangers, that’s a talent my friend.

Your talents are not by happenstance. No, see they were crafted from the depths of the universe and woven together by tender hands. You are a talent vessel just waiting to bloom over every aching heart, tending to the broken and lost.

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advanced for us to do” - Eph. 2:10

I want my talent seeds to serve the one that made them. To give back to the cause that so fiercely fought for me. My talents can combat the daily grime, but they need water, they need a source.

I hope you drown them in His living water.

Turn the dang faucet on, Friend.

- Vivian