The bibles greatest mysteries, and how to navigate them

Jesus never turned down an opportunity to answer a question.

He never shamed someone for raising their hand.

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I’ve struggled, and still do with the really tough questions. Was the earth really made in seven literal days? A talking Donkey? I thought that only happened in Shrek. Jonah lived INSIDE of a whale? Bread raining from the sky? And seriously, where did the water come from?!

And while it might seem like these questions could potentially drive someone away from the truth, it’s done the opposite for me. My lack of understanding certain biblical literature does not discredit the love Christ has for me. These narratives, regardless of literal or figurative, do not NEED to bring into question Christ. If we can keep that one absolute truth at the top of your thinking and allow it to filter down through the messiness of the rest, it can relax the anxieties that I know you feel.

Humans will never have all the answers. If you’re waiting for clarity surrounding every tough question before you chose to believe the good news - you’ll be waiting an eternity. God may not reveal all the mysteries, but does that mean we shouldn’t seek the answers? Should we suppress questions simply to avoid ignorance?

The whole point of following Jesus is reminding yourself daily that YOU don’t know it all, HE does. It’s not our jobs nor should it be our mission to convince the world that we as Christians hold all the answers, because we never will. WE don’t hold the keys, we only point to the One who does.

When the hard questions come, when the doubt creeps through the pews and leeches through endless hours of study, Friend, remember who your God is. Remind yourself of His attributes,

He is…

all powerful

all knowing

all present

and I promise, He is Good.

Usually when the hard questions come they stem from a much deeper rooted question. “Why did God do that?” or “How is that possible?” translates to, “Do I trust God? Are His intentions good?” Please don’t cower away from asking questions for fear of not finding the answer. I still have a lot of questions and I choose to be at peace with those mysteries, I choose to read a lot and look at the truth - that Christ loves me deeply. He died for me, and I believe that to the marrow of my bones. Everything else makes life a little more spicy- a little more exciting.

I’m giving you permission to ask,

- Vivian