3 reasons a gratitude journal might be for you, and the one I’m loving right now.

I could modify the way l live, I could give more, take less, but something always tells me that I need more. And that’s the lie. What’s ultimately at the root of it; the deep down truth of it - is that I lack gratitude. 

Reader, I know you’re following me. I know your nodding your head or running your fingers through your pretty hair because you know exactly what I’m talking about. For a moment can we mute the criticism? Jesus knows we struggle with this, and He already took care of it. The longer you stay in the criticism camp the longer it takes to join the gratitude camp. We can’t spend half our time in criticism and half in gratitude, just thinking about that makes my eyes cross. 

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When we break down gratitude we soon realize there has to be something specific that we are “grateful” for. Sometimes it’s a physical object, person, circumstance, or a truth of existence. The take away? There is room for gratitude in everything we do, everything we learn, and everyone we meet. 

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1// Gratitude grows fruit

It’s impossible to feel like you’re lacking anything when you're in state of gratitude. I dare you to try it. “Thankfulness” is a fruit of the spirit. Jesus became the sole source of these attributes when He gave Himself up for us. We can now drink freely from His living water and experience these fruits. 

Gratitude is a state of existence we can choose. Sanctification works the same, I can choose to remember my position in the spirit and live accordingly, or I can choose to dabble in the flesh. We pass through these different existences DAILY and there is endless grace for the moments when we feel like we’re failing. 

2// It’s not a requirement 

Please hear me friend, I’m not telling you to write in a gratitude journal. I’m showing you what has worked for me but we must make one thing clear. Diligently writing in a gratitude journal because you “promised” yourself (or worse, God) that you would, is a slippery slope down the hill of legalism. 

I am incapable of keeping a promise to God. That’s the very reason Jesus had to come. 

Write in a gratitude journal because you DESIRE to. There will be days when it doesn’t happen. And you know what that means? It means you ran into yet again another reason to be grateful that Jesus took care of it, doesn’t that make you grateful? That’s how grace works. A flawless bright circle of continuous unmerited favor. 

A well kept gratitude journal doesn’t solidify my salvation, a gratitude journal expresses the thankfulness I feel in KNOWING I am saved, because Jesus took care of it. 

3// You’ll grow

Gratitude is the one atonement I could give God for His mercy. And even then, it’s not a requirement. And that makes me even more grateful. 

Our walks with Jesus consist of high mountaintops and “the depths of despair”-  just had to get my Anne Shirley in there.

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This is a journey, Friend. We will find books, and journals, and studies that work for us - and we will find some duds in there too. We learn about the person of God when we depend on Him to be the teacher. If you have a desire to learn more, to grow fruit and glorify Him, I’d encourage you to take a look at the practice of keeping a gratitude journal.

Jesus saved you because you couldn’t save yourself, so, why do you think you can grow yourself? You can’t. But He can.

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Reasons why I love this specific journal,

Scripture reading within every entry

One page to write- keeps thoughts clear and simple

makes a lovely gift

I’m grateful for my readers,

- Vivian