Faith is only as good as the object we place it in // 2 questions pertaining to belief and the temptation to limit God

1// What does it mean to believe in something/someone? 

2// Does my belief in something rest in my ability to understand it; to grasp it?

ONE// what does it mean to believe in something and/or someone?
Believing goes beyond seeing something with your eyes or hearing about it and stating its simple existence. I think we sometimes blend “recognition” and “belief” together into one camp.

I can look at a chair say, “I believe that chair exists” 

But to sit down and say “I believe this chair will hold my weight without any harm coming to me”, is all together a very different “believe”. Let’s pray the chair has four legs.

My faith, or my belief is only as good as the object in which I place that faith in. Because Jesus is God, I trust Him to be a very safe person to place my beliefs, in fact, He’s the only person. 

Then we can dig even deeper and this is where my head spins. Do you believe in Jesus as a mythological story or do you believe it as historical fact? When I hear the word believe, the way I see it is, a complete trust in a tangible object outside of myself. I hope it’s not myth because that would be really silly to rest my whole existence on a belief that’s made up. If Jesus is a myth, there isn’t a real object in which I’m placing my faith. Essentially I’m placing my faith in myself.

To believe is to fully trust in a real tangible person, place, or thing. 

TWO// Does my belief in Jesus rest in MY ability to understand Him or to grasp his purpose fully?

Gods’ nature and existence surpasses my psyches ability to comprehend Him. If I put Him into my box of understanding I have immediately limited His abilities. 

I trust God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to teach me as much as I can possibly swallow with my time here on earth but more importantly I trust them within the grey areas of my own understanding. If our salvation was based on our mental comprehension of the origins of the universe, sin, and Jesus’ life and purpose we would be utterly screwed. That’s why salvation isn’t about YOU, it’s about HIM. Trusting in Him to take care of you reflects your belief in Him.

Trying to grasp God is like try to hold onto water. We cannot fasten our grip around Him and attempt to contain Him for the purpose of analysis. Only when we loosen our grip, keep Him inside the bounds in which He provided for us, ie. the scriptures, do we begin to see Him, feel Him, and learn deeply. 

Once you’ve presented a philosophical idea pertaining God, you’ve already limited Him infinitely. Because the thought came out of your brain - which He made. You cannot separate the created from the creator. 

Are you spinning?

- Vivian