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The bibles greatest mysteries, and how to navigate them

My lack of understanding certain biblical literature does not discredit the love Christ has for me. These narratives, regardless of literal or figurative, do not NEED to bring into question Christ. If we can keep that one absolute truth at the top of your thinking and allow it to filter down through the messiness of the rest, it can relax the anxieties that I know you feel.

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The universal question

Your unbelief in God rests in your inability to choose. You have a choice, and most people run from that exposing freedom. There’s a choice, and you’re either chasing it or avoiding it. 

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Birthday; Blow em' out

Twenty- six illuminated candles danced and I readied myself to blow them out. 

I sat there for the better half of a few seconds, stone faced, starring at the cake. 

My family, waited anxiously to dive into the red velvety heaven - but I continued to stare. 

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Before me.

Picture this,

an undoubtably handsome prince, 

perched on his mighty throne.

And, I his faithful servant, 

anxiously awaiting the day he invites me to sit beside him.

This was my pattern for longer than I care to remember. 

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