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The Basement

And when you think you’ve cleaned up your messes;

got a grip on yourself and pushed forward, the basement will start calling your name.

Because you know there’s more, theres always more in the basement. 

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Roadkill//lethal shortcuts.

As we rounded the corner my eye’s fixated on the plump brown mass dashing across the winding road. Muscles tensed in preparation for the audible confirmation that my little mouse friend was no more. I’ve never understood why animals insist on crossing roads, don't they understand the tires are lethal? But, the road is paved - clear of any obstacles. Why not take the risk and avoid the longer route? Take the easy way, says the ego. 

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We always came back to the mountain, and the mountain was always waiting.  

With her broken paths and torn underground, dense fog listened - and the wind called back.

Tiny buds of color sprout along the hillside and tress wrestle their roots deep.

Where she is perched above, and where I dream to go. 

The mountain was always waiting. 

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Self GrowthVivianComment

When I was a child I had an obsession with hunting fireflies. I would snatch all of them up and stuff their blinking butts into a jar. After capturing as many as I could, I would make a comfortable home inside the jar with grass, rocks, and leaves. I thought that if I made them feel as if they were staying in a five star hotel they wouldn’t resent me for keeping them locked away over night. My firefly moments would live in that jar if I had it my way. I would capture the moments, stare at them until I understood what they needed to tell me, and once that process was complete I would lovingly open the jar and finally send them on their way. But - Life moments are not firefly moments.

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