Hey, I’m Rachael Vivian….


I was born and raised in Washington State, left to go to college in Connecticut to pursue an education in Ballet Pedagogy (fancy word, just means “to teach”, but let’s stick with Pedagogy because it makes me feel very high brow) and returned after four years to never leave again. Why people would ever move away from here is beyond me, it’s literally the Shire in real life. *cue folky nordic music. Living in the PNW is a gift and truly stunning to behold. Our misty mountains have captivated my soul. And no, the rain doesn’t bother me. I honestly hate waking up to sun, vampire?…perhaps.

The PNW has a mood. You know the mood - mist, sprinkling rain, trees and ferns, magical blue waters, coffee… just- mood. I’ve found a way to capture that mood through images and I’m obsessed.

On any given day you can find me at the dance studio teaching, taking photos of lovely people (will you be one of them?), reading a plethora of books and writing lettered styled blog post- to you.

I was named after my grandmother, Vivian; I didn’t know her very long but I remember her very well. Zero shame I still sleep with the teddy bear she gave me when she first got sick, “Nanna bear”.

I write for her. I take pictures for her.

My husband, Scott is responsible for me finally picking up a camera and buying my first Sigma Art lens. So really, everyone should just thank him. Thanks for giving me another passion, Scotty - Lord knows I needed another one.

i’ll be seeing you,

- Vivian